Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Black Cottonwood Bark For Sale


Photo Source of above: Home and Garden Webshots & Fine Wood Gifts

3.5" piece

Wide Chunk

Terry holding a piece with fissures. It will be pulled apart or used for castles.

Front View - Wide Piece

Side View of a Thick Piece

Black cottonwood bark for sale from NW Cottonwood Bark Sales

Bulk orders, over 30 lbs only.
Our boxes contain 27 - 38 lbs approx.

Beautiful for carving.
Contact Lesly @ 1 (250) 697-2925. or email us
Photo Source: Terry.

Dexter & Terry - Getting the bark.

No worries. The tree is dead.

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My husband Terry spends hours during his time off of work; wandering around the outdoors picking up ancient rocks, tools, arrowheads and such. He's found these spread from Kamloops to Smithers, BC. I decided I had to do something with these things that take up a whole room in our house. What better way is there to put them on display, than to show all his discoveries to the world via internet?