Thursday, April 26, 2007


Hudson Bay Company added beads as part of their standard trading commodity. Over the course of 300 years, the Hudson Bay Company traded with trappers and middlemen, who in turn supplied the northwest frontier with beads. Through the fur trade, glass beads had a significant effect on First Nation life. The availability of these small beads, along with the introduction of trade cloth and steel needles led to the decline of age-old decorative techniques, including quillwork. Beadwork rose to become the predominant craft. This information comes from The history of beads by Ray McCallum.

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Terry's Hobby

My husband Terry spends hours during his time off of work; wandering around the outdoors picking up ancient rocks, tools, arrowheads and such. He's found these spread from Kamloops to Smithers, BC. I decided I had to do something with these things that take up a whole room in our house. What better way is there to put them on display, than to show all his discoveries to the world via internet?