Saturday, April 7, 2007


Scientists have identified a few species of ancient fishes that were most likely salmonids. The earliest of these fossils identified to date is eosalmo driftwoodensis (left), which lived about 50 million years ago। This fossil was found near our home in Granisle. The speciman is 1 1/2 long. Pine needle, Fern, Salmon, acorn and water skipper (right).


Terry's Hobby

My husband Terry spends hours during his time off of work; wandering around the outdoors picking up ancient rocks, tools, arrowheads and such. He's found these spread from Kamloops to Smithers, BC. I decided I had to do something with these things that take up a whole room in our house. What better way is there to put them on display, than to show all his discoveries to the world via internet?