Sunday, March 18, 2007


Bone awls or perforators are found at most archaeological sites and were in use throughout all prehistoric periods. They were used for punching holes in skins or leather for sewing garments or other articles of clothing. Bone awls could be used for perforating most softer materials and many of them were probably also used in the manufacture of basketry, matting, or similar woven materials. As a consequence of usage, the awls became highly polished, not only from handling the awl but from contact with the working material.

A View From My Truck Window

My Dog Chester

This view from my truck window was beside the Fulton River, where I live in Granisle. It was taken in March, 2007. We got the most snow that we have gotten here in years. It had already melted a lot when this picture was taken. This is one of the photos that I have entered in the Fuel My Blog contest. The prize is a camera. You can enter this contest and view details at: For rules and other entries visit:

Contest Ended April 20th, 2007.


Drew said...

Nice photo for FMB competition.

BLASe said...

Thanks Drew! Good Luck to you in the Blog competition : )


Terry's Hobby

My husband Terry spends hours during his time off of work; wandering around the outdoors picking up ancient rocks, tools, arrowheads and such. He's found these spread from Kamloops to Smithers, BC. I decided I had to do something with these things that take up a whole room in our house. What better way is there to put them on display, than to show all his discoveries to the world via internet?